Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons are of the many services provided here at Diamond C Stables. We offer lessons to all ages and at affordable prices. Lesson types include beginners, western, barrel racing, reining, trail riding, and western pleasure. The best part of taking lessons is that you do not have to own a horse. If you don’t have a horse, we provide one that fits your level of riding at no extra cost. We try to keep students grouped together by ability so more advanced riders aren’t bored and less advanced riders don’t feel uncomfortable. Your instructor will make a determination as to your skill level and place you appropriately. The main concern of our instructors is safety. For that reason they will make the determination as to when you’re ready to progress to the next level. We want you to have a good time and stay safe.


You’ll learn the basics – appropriate behavior around a horse, haltering, tying proper knots, and grooming. Then you’ll be ready to go out to one of the round pens for your first ride. As your early lessons progress, you’ll learn balance – even to turn all the way around while sitting on your horse. As you further progress, your instructor will teach you to ride at a trot and a lope on a lead-line at first then on your own.


Once you’ve advanced to this level, you’ll be spending most of your time riding in the large arena…you’ll even have the opportunity to spend some time riding in the back pasture. You’ll also learn to cool and bathe your horse and turn them out.


Now you’re ready to work on the fine tuning and decide what kind of riding you want to do – competing, trail riding, reining or maybe you just enjoy the stress relief of grooming a horse.

We also have a few horses to lease, so when you’ve advanced to this point you aren’t required to make a large investment to further your riding.

Western Lessons Pricing

Private Lessons

1 hour $75.00 Private w/ Branden.

1 hour $60.00 for beginner & intermediate instructors.

30 Min. ages 4 & Up $30.00.

Group lessons

$40.00 per person, 2 or more in a class. 1 hour classes up to 5 people.

Trail Rides – 1 hour $50.00 for single & $45.00 for 2 or more.

Play Days & Camps

Saddle Up for Summer Day Camp!

2 & 3 Day Horse Camp 9am-2pm

We know you LOVE horses, but do you know how to properly care for them? Join our experts this summer for fun and informative hands-on lessons. You will learn the proper way to feed and bathe a horse, as well as learn how to care for and clean the saddle, bridle, stirrups, reins and other tack. Learning to care for your horse and equipment properly will build your self confidence and increase your bond with your horse.

  • Beginners Camp June 12-13 & July 10-11
  • Intermediate Camp June 26-28 & July 17-19
  • $200.00 per session Beginners
  • $300.00 per session Intermediate
  • Come learn everything you want to know about taking care of a horse, tack, and having some fun.
  • Bring a sack lunch!

Limited space, please contact:
Debbie 210-867-7107 or daculver16@gmail.com

Trail Rides

Trail rides are $50.00 for one person and $45.00 per person after that in your group, Trail rides are one hour long, all riders start off in the arena with a little basic lesson on starting, stopping, etc.

Must make a reservation in advance of your planned ride.

Meet the Diamond C Trainers




Branden first started riding horses when he was 5 years old. He started competing in rodeos and 4-H competitions by age 8. He has competed in cloverleaf and straight away barrels, pole bending, and goat tying as a boy. He has shown horses in reining and rail classes as an adult.

Branden has been teaching adults and children since 2000. Numerous students have gone on to compete in college or at a higher level of competition or found jobs in the equine industry.

Branden is a member of AQHA’s Professional Horseman. He has completed course work at Ohio State University and Colorado State University in mare management and reproduction and has a Bachelor’s degree from UTSA in business management. He spent a year running a hunter jumper barn prior to spending 3 years as a breeding-foaling manager/ colt trainer.

All of these experiences add to Branden’s overall knowledge of the horse and the industry. Branden is an enthusiastic, hands on instructor who focuses on teaching people the proper way to ride in order for them to go on to competition, show or  trail/pleasure riding.




I have been riding horses for 11 years and have been involved in rodeo for 10 years (events such as barrel racing, pole bending, straight away barrels and goat tying). I am currently learning how to breakaway rope as well. I have competed in western pleasure classes also.

I ran in the Texas High School Rodeo Association my senior year of high school and was involved in FFA all through high school. I’m currently in my second semester of college at Northwest Vista, majoring in Biology to become a large animal veterinarian.

Teaching riding lessons is something I’ve always wanted to do. I love being around kids and teaching them new things, along with the proper way to ride and safely be around horses. Seeing the joy and excitement in a child’s eye when they learn something new is amazing!




From a young age, Mikayla has been fascinated by farm life. At six years old she began riding at a small English barn in the northeast. She soon fell in love with the lifestyle and the little ponies she learned on.

In 2007, she started taking western lessons at Diamond C and quickly became a barn regular. At any given time Mikayla could be found hanging around the barn and lending a hand. During her teen years, Mikayla participated in rodeos, helped with camps and led trail rides.

Upon graduating high school and having spent seven years with Diamond C, she took a three year hiatus; during which she returned to her old English barn for several months. Working as a live-in stable hand and head camp counselor, the majority of her time was devoted to caring for horses and the children riding them.

After dabbling in several disciplines, Mikayla has had many experiences to draw from when teaching. She prioritizes safety and focuses on establishing strong foundations in horsemanship for her students to build upon.

We are very happy to have Mikayla back at Diamond C, she is very talented and will be a great asset to our teaching program.